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Will finally begin again as usual as soon as possible.

Grindhouse, yo.

 Hi there. I’m Chaos Critic, and contrary to popular rumor, yes, I am alive. I definitely made the mistake of promising to start this blog just a week before my senioritis would kick in, but I am now officially a high school graduate (Hurrah, being an adult. On that note, my friends all yelled "scrotum" when I was called to get my diploma.) and have plenty of time to Do Stuff.

I figured I really should start on a fairly fun and relaxed note with this, so, maybe I’ll start by explaining the title of my blog to anyone who doesn’t get it? “A Little Bit of Horrorshow” is a reference to…well, okay. It’s actually the title of an album by the German rock band Die Toten Hosen, who you might know from Guitar Hero III. But they, like me, got the name from my favorite movie of all time, Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.

I’m sure the first thought most people have when they hear this is my favorite movie is…why? (And no, it's not because of my starry-eyed love for Malcolm McDowell...but, erm, that's something you should expect to hear about several times if you're reading this blog. *giggle*) I mean, CWO is famously considered one of the most disturbing films to ever be assigned classic status.  But, truly, it's gained that status for a reason, which I'll go into a few paragraphs down. It was a classic novel before that for a reason. Hell, it's ascended into an alternative fashion statement, and I don't consider that a pathetic misaimed fandom in any way. If you've never seen me on a day wearing my black hat and mismatched eye makeup, you will soon enough (and I make it look absolutely adorable.)

Now, I generally answer questions of why I enjoy a movie by giving off a list of the little things it contains that I really enjoy.  So my answer here is: will there ever be a better combination of dystopia, the examination of evil, high octane nightmare fuel, political satire, uncomfortable musical numbers, brilliant direction and acting, inventive linguistics (“horrorshow” actually means “awesome”, as well as doubling as a referral to horror movies in my case), bizarre but gorgeous sets and props, purple wigs, haunting music, and lovely androgynous young British men? I think not.

What’s it actually about? Well, essentially, it’s an interesting exploration into the question of whether everyone deserves free will and full control over their actions, regardless of their morality or how they affect those around them, as well as a troubling presentation of "evil versus evil". There are no nice people in this story. The audience has to work to decide who they're actually siding with throughout the whole ordeal, and in my opinion, that's probably one of the elements that makes some viewers so uncomfortable with the film, although they may not always realize it. 

That’s essentially the meaning behind the film, which is the important part. But, whoa boy. It doesn’t even cover half of what actually happens in it. Truth be told, it’s every droogie’s worst nightmare to be asked “So, what’s it about?” I’ve realized recently that if you tried to explain every scene of Clockwork Orange in detail to a friend who knew nothing about it, they would swear you were high on something.* And not necessarily something good.

You kind of want to hear that now, don't you. Well, then, here is my partial summary.

“So, it’s futuristic Britain, but it’s the ‘90s, but that was the future then. And there’s this gang of four British teenagers who wear top hats, codpieces and women’s makeup and speak using Russian slang, who like to spend their evenings drinking glasses of milk laced with narcotics, beating up homeless men, fighting rival gangs who wear Nazi uniforms on classically beautiful opera stages, and raping people’s wives while dancing and singing Gene Kelly.  But one day, their leader, the beautifully well-spoken complete monster with demonic blue eyes and asymmetrical false eyelashes who gets off to Beethoven's 9th Symphony,  is sent to prison after accidentally murdering a cat lady with a giant penis statue, and two years later, when he’s begun fantasizing about being a Biblical figure and torturing Jesus, they rehabilitate him by strapping him down in a chair, shooting him up with nausea-inducing experimental drugs, clipping his eyes open so he can’t blink, and forcing him to watch footage of Hitler while Ode to Joy plays in the background. Oh, and either synthesizers or classical music are generally playing over every one of these scenes.”

I mean, listen to all of that. Especially if you've seen it already, really listen to it. That's just the first half of the movie, and I didn’t even touch on every scene. Do you feel normal? I don’t feel normal after writing that.

But the second half is a bit less scary, I promise. Actually, that may be why I don’t have a fun description for it.

I'll leave you all the sweet, sweet dreams I'm sure you're going to have now. ♥

* A feeling shared by many people who saw the film in theaters. Primarily because the year was 1971 and most of them were high on something.

Having a most wicked, wonderful idea...

...for whenever I actually get started on this journal, which I planned for next week.

I have a microphone. I have a webcam. Why not post some video reviews instead of or addition to written ones? You know, where you'd get to see my face and hear my voice and be jealous of my awesome clothes and all that cool stuff?


Just a thought. >8D

*door creaks open*

Well, good evening! Or afternoon. Or morning. I don't discriminate. Welcome to the second home of a woman with slightly peculiar tastes in pop culture. You know, the kind of things that make most normal people think I'm a serial killer who drinks the blood of newborn babies.

No, wait, come back! Come and sit for a spell. Have some cookies and soda pop, and let me regale you with tales of zombie invasions, satanic children, roaring guitar solos, punk-rock post-apocalyptic worlds, and British teenagers beating each other up to classical scores, because these are the lovely contents of my otherwise sweet and innocent little mind, and this is where I will pour out my reviews of whatever I'm watching, reading, or listening to at the moment, and that's bound to be quite exciting. :D (for me.)

So...yeah. There's a decent chance you already know me (and that'd be ladysylvan) if you're reading this. I'm here to write and fangirl about weird movies that I think you should watch. The name is a bit of a misnomer, really, since I'm really not the most critical reviewer at the moment, and I really can't see myself tagging anything with 1-to-5 star ratings at the moment. Maybe that will change? We'll see. It's really just a fun outlet for me to both start writing again and be able to discuss things that excite me. YAY! Let's get this show on the road. Sometime. :3

Welcome to Chaos, enjoy your stay etc. etc.